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Anonymous asked: Straight haired ASHTON or curly haired ASHTON?

Hi guys, we have some news for you today. Ashton has come down with a case of appendicitis and had to have an operation. He’s doing great and will be back up & running in no time, but he’ll need to rest up for the next week or so… Unfortunately this means that we’ll no longer be able to fly back to the UK this weekend for the Radio 1 Teen Awards. We will also be postponing next week’s trip to Japan (more info to come soon).

We are so sorry to everyone that had planned on seeing us. We were so excited to come see you all and we never want to make any of you sad… We hope you understand!

Thanks so much for supporting all we do, we love you. Can’t wait for us four lads get back on the road (minus one band appendix) and rock out with you all again soon!

Ash, Cal, Mikey & Luke x


callittheblues asked: The video for Try Hard or the video for Heartbreak Girl

Good girls are bad girls that haven’t been caught.


HII so I just uploaded a new cover and i hope you like this one as much as you seemed to like my first one :) thank you for watching if you do <3