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ALL gifs are mine, so please don't repost them. If you would like to use them for a meme, please credit me that's all I ask! And don't put your watermark on them. I do not own any of the videos unless stated otherwise and I'm not affiliated with the boys or anyone that is.

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Hiiiiiiiiiiiii I’ve been wanting to start a youtube channel for years now but ive never had the courage and i finally gathered up the courage to do it and i posted my first video so i thought id post it here????? AND ITS OK IF U DONT LIKE IT dont woRRY its not for everybody

Anonymous asked: so I don't wanna be THAT guy but like do you do any pale/pastel colour gifs with a lower contrast? cause my blog is pale but I want your 5sos gifs on them!

I don’t :(  but check out lukeisapenquin, lukeshm, and 5secondsofsummerdaily.  I know they make some. :)  IF YOU MAKE PASTEL 5SOS GIFS LIKE THIS POST PLS AND THANK YOU.

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strawberrydestiny asked: Hey I really love your blog and the gifs that you post. They're awesome! ❤️

Thank you so much, angel! <3

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Anonymous asked: Your gif's are the best *---*

Oh my gosh thank you so much, you’re awesome. :)))